Sunday, 1 July 2018

Millefiori - Colour Combinations

Following my previous post about the Millefiori crochet squares that I've been making, I've been working out all the colours that I've used in the squares shown in the pictures in the aforementioned post.

I've made 16 different squares using a total of 19 colours in the Stylecraft Special double knitting yarn range. So here are the colour combinations, working from the inside outwards.

 Sherbet, clematis, magenta, clematis,
lemon and violet.

Fondant, aster, sherbet, aster,
citron and sherbet.

Aster, lemon, aspen, lemon,
sherbet and magenta.

Spice, wisteria, violet, wisteria,
apricot and turquoise.

Magenta, apricot, fondant, apricot,
wisteria and spring green.

Sage, fondant, lemon, fondant,
spring green and spice.

Spring green, wisteria, saffron, wisteria,
turquoise and lemon.

Candyfloss, lemon, spice, lemon,
fondant and aster.

Clematis, saffron, turquoise, saffron,
magenta and apricot.

Wisteria, turquoise, spring green, turquoise,
saffron and aspen.

Lemon, magenta, sherbet, magenta,
clematis and sage.

Aspen, sherbet, fuchsia purple, sherbet,
aster and saffron.

Apricot, citron, sage, citron,
aspen and clematis.

Turquoise, spring green, clematis, spring green
fuchsia purple and candyfloss.

Citron, aspen, apricot, aspen
spice and wisteria.

Saffron, sage, wisteria, sage,
violet and duck egg.

They really are quite a colourful set of squares. Some of the colour combinations work better than others, particularly lighter coloured petals on a darker background, or petals that contrast quite markedly against the background colour.

My favourite squares are those with a background colour of violet, magenta, spice, aster, aspen and sage. Colour choices are very personal so maybe you have other favourites or would pick an entirely different palette.

I'll be giving the pattern for Millefiori squares a final once over in the near future and then I'll be back to post it later on during this month.

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