Saturday, 5 May 2018

Spring Sakura Bunny

With the hope of Spring in the air last month I started to crochet a bunny. I don't particularly need one but kept getting drawn to the idea after spending far too much time looking at projects of bunnies in their beautiful knitted clothes on Ravelry. There must still be a child in me wanting to dress up dolls and teddies and so a bunny was most definitely required.

I started by crocheting the arms and body in this pattern for a bunny, substituting double crochet stitches for stocking stitch, then created my own head and legs as it became evident that my crocheted parts were turning out longer and thinner than if they'd been knitted. So the bunny is quite tall and lean but, once clothed, looks fine, I think.

I wanted an outfit to celebrate the season and chose sakura, Japanese cherry blossom, as my inspiration. The chart for the patterned part of the dress is quite simple but when it came to working three colours at the same time it just didn't work for me so I knitted the center of the flowers in cream as well as the petals. My intention was to work these stitches over the top afterwards but the yarn didn't contrast well enough with the background of the dress so I resorted to using beads instead. It kind of works, maybe?

Once my beaded sakura dress was done I used this pattern to create a teeny-weeny coordinating cardigan. It's so cute that I made a second one for another bunny that I made last year.

I really must stop making bunnies.

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