Monday, 23 April 2018

Cherry Blossom Heaven

I think that I jinxed the weather with my post at the end of last month because it turned again and became unseasonably colder and more miserable than it should have been for the time of year. Normally the leaves on the trees and hedges start popping out at the end of March/beginning of April but not this year.

Then, all of a sudden, in the middle of the last week Summer arrived instead of Spring and the heat brought everything out at once. We've had some absolutely glorious weather for the past five days. It was so heavenly that I dusted down the garden chairs and sat outside and crocheted for the first time this year, what a treat.

I've also been treated to one of my favourite moments of the year, the arrival of cherry blossom, both here in our garden and elsewhere. Although I've passed the dinky cottage in these pictures for years and years I'm always delighted to see it's beautiful tree smoothered in white flowers. It's always been my intention to stop and take some pictures but somehow it's never happened until now.

So here are some magical cherry blossom moments from both our pink tree and the white tree at the cottage, both of which are flowering in abundance :-)

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