Thursday, 21 December 2017

A Twist on the Cowl Neck Poncho

In the Spring I decided that I wanted to reduce some of the odd amounts of yarn that I had left over from other craft projects and started by picking up some blue Aran and brown varigated bulky yarns.

I don't remember how or why I started making flowers but I realised quite early on that I'd have to use about two thirds varigated to a third blue in order that I wouldn't run out of one before the other.

I joined the flowers together as I made them and tried to spread the blue as evenly as I could throughout my work.

After I'd made a rectangular piece of about twenty flowers I decided that I didn't want a scarf and wondered if I could make something that went around me instead.

As I added more and more flowers I began to think about how I was going to finish the edge and then thoughts of turning it into a poncho began to emerge.

One particular poncho came to mind, Cowl Neck Poncho by Simone Francis. I knew straight away that I wanted to have a go at a cowl for the neck so I dug out some more Aran, this time in cream.

By this time the weather had warmed up and I was beginning to wonder how on earth I was going to attach the flowers to the granny part of the cowl that I'd made.

I left it alone over the Summer and well into the Autumn too before I picked it up again and then I had a good think. I decided to simply sew the flower section on to the granny part of the cowl from the inside in two stages.

First of all I went around one granny round sewing into the tip of the upper most petal of each flower. On the second granny round (below the first one) I sewed into the tips of the petals on either side of the upper most petal of each flower. All that sewing seems to have secured it in place.

I was going to continue using the Cowl Neck Poncho pattern underneath the flower section but settled upon a round of flowers without a fringe instead.

So my twist on the Cowl Neck Poncho is complete :-)


  1. Hi, I really enjoy looking at all your projects, but I don't see any patterns for them, Do you have patterns?

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. The only patterns that I've written up are the ones in the margin at the top right. They are mainly for making squares for blankets, one day I might get around to writing up some more.