Sunday, 5 November 2017

Not Another Blanket?

I posted about the early stages of this blanket back in June when I'd been working on making solid grannies, or elmer squares as they're commonly called.

Rather than creating squares of one colour only I was using a new colour for each round when I came across the Festiva pattern on Poppy & Bliss. This pattern is so similar to what I was already doing that I decided to incorporate the lovely 'dotty' round before moving on to white to join all the squares together.

So yes I've made yet another blanket, even though I don't really need one. I just love crocheting squares and then assembling them to create one piece of colourful coziness.

As with so many of my projects I used Stylecraft Special double knitting yarn in Teal, Spring Green, Aspen, Turquoise, Aster, Cloud Blue and White.

I also went a bit mad taking loads of photos too, enjoy :-)


  1. Lovely as usual, I am also addicted to crochet blankets, i am going to start sophie's universe soon. Can you tell me how you did the border? Thanks

    1. Thanks Anne, I didn't keep notes on the border but it looks like I did:

      A round of dc in white;
      A round of tr in white;
      A round of dc in white;
      A round of *dc in a dc in the previous round, skip a dc in the previous round and ch 1 instead in teal*, repeat from * to *;
      A round of dc, ch 2, dc in each ch 1 of the previous round in white.

      Obviously this needs to be adjusted for the corners.