Thursday, 7 September 2017

Sunny Bunny (Part One)

I wasn't going to make a bunny, I had absolutely no intention at all but a pattern popped up and caught my eye. I thought that I could use it to practise knitting fiddly bits in the round so that no sewing up would be required later. It worked too.

The pattern, Sunny Bunny by Sarah Youde, is freely available on Ravelry. I made mine with an Aran yarn using 3.5 mm needles so that it's so tightly knitted that the stuffing doesn't show through at all and the ears stand upright all by themselves.

I decided to alter the legs and feet because I didn't want them to be as big as the pattern intended. So I set off knitting top down rather than bottom up and created my own problem with M1 stitch holes which I solved by adding bows to cover them up.

I borrowed the dress from my recently made-over Little Cotton Rabbit as the colour matches this bunny perfectly.

Sunny bunny is a big hit with me and as you can probably tell from the title of this post it isn't the only bunny that I've been working on recently. More to follow another time.

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