Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Beaded Bunting

Earlier this year when all the brightly coloured tulip bulbs were at their best and lawns were full of flowering daisies they inspired me to make some simple, colourful flowers.

Then I decided that I wanted to make bunting and crocheted some triangles in bright Stylecraft Special DK colours...

...magenta, wisteria, clematis, candyfloss, fondant, lemon, citron, saffron, apricot, shrimp, spice, pomegranate and white.

I couldn't resist adding even more colour by stringing beads together in between the little bunting flags, turning the strings in to sweetie necklaces.

It was all made up as I went along, a bit of self indulgent frivolous fun.

Sometimes the most enjoyable things to make are made this way :-)

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