Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Tropical Delight Scarf

I've finished joining my tropical delight flowers (follow the link for the colours used) and I've turned them in to a scarf as planned but I'm not completely happy with the way it turned out. I might just be a bit over-picky.

Whilst I absolutely love the colours, the yarn isn't stiff enough to hold the shape of the braided join so I'll have to bare that in mind for future projects.

When I first started making these flowers it was still Summer and I was complaining about the heat, quite a contrast to where we are now.

With the clocks put back an hour at the week-end and our first frost this morning I'll be wearing my scarf as I get used to the drop in temperature and those long, dark nights.

I remembered to try and chart the pattern for the flowers and had to resort to a bit of typex to sort out the mistakes. Hopefully it's correct now.

Using the colour pistachio for the braided join I slip stitched in to the middle treble of a petal and used 8 chains between petals. When I needed to remove the hook to attach the working flower to another flower (or flowers) I used 4 chains both before and after removing the hook.

For the border I used 8 double crochet in each petal-to-petal chain loop and 4 double crochet in each half petal-to-petal chain loop.

I wonder what else I could make with these flowers?...