Friday, 15 April 2016

Oh, to be in England...

Whilst we were still enjoying a mild Winter in January, balmy enough to bring blossom and daffodils out, nature suddenly realised that it had got it wrong and a colder early Spring followed. We seem to have been in suspended animation since then. Only now that we are in mid April are the leaves finally popping out and everything is starting to look fresh and lovely again. Behind the horses' field the hedge is turning white with blossom and the yellow oilseed rape is adding a splash of colour in the fields beyond. I heard the farmer plouging one of the fields last week and have yet to work out what's been planted in it. The sun is now high in the sky and the mornings and evenings are full of light. It's an absolute joy to watch Spring unfold, a season which no other can rival.

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