Friday, 1 April 2016

Milly Lapghan

I really enjoyed making this lapghan which used up lots of bits and pieces of my Mother-in-law's leftover yarn, hence the name Milly.

She gave a bag of yarn to me all jumbled up together. I unraveled all of it because I discovered that she had frequently wound one bit on top of another so I didn't know whether a ball was a whole ball, or a ball made up of multiple pieces.

Whilst sorting it out I separated it in to different colours and ended up with a bag of blues, purples and greys, a bag of greens, a bag of yellows and creamy/whites and a bag of reds and browns. By then I realised that whilst some of it is really awful acrylic, some of it is quite nice wool too.

So I started using the good stuff to make some solid granny squares using the blues, purples, greys and greens.

When the bigger pieces of yarn ran out, I used smaller pieces to edge each square but was then a bit stuck because I didn't have anything left which was large enough to make a border with.

After double crocheting the squares together, using a different colour for each join, I came up with what I thought was a wonderful idea. I decided to use small bits of yarn to edge one square at a time, for two rounds. Then I realised that I'd created lots of ends to sew in.

I do like the overall look of the border even if I did have all those ends to deal with.

The dog was keen to help me take some photographs which I did with limited success as far as the colours are concerned. The turquoise and some of those greens look almost fluorescent.

I'm beginning to run out of room indoors for crocheted blankets/lapghans so this one is destined for my car. It's small enough to cover my lap but not too big that it will drape anywhere near my feet and interfere with the pedals.

So that's me sorted on chilly days, although they should be getting considerably warmer now that April's here.

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