Monday, 21 March 2016

Frida's Flowers CAL

Janie Crow has designed a beautiful new blanket pattern called Frida's Flowers which will available in installments over a four month period from the 5th April on the Stylecraft website.

Although I shouldn't be making another blanket, I've fallen in love with the design so much that I'm giving in and going to take part in the CAL.

I've been looking at pictures of the blanket on Ravelry and it looks like there are five unique flower hexies as well as two plain ones, laid out as below. (The dark blue and cola are the plain hexies and each flower is represented by a different colour.)

Unfortunately the lovely colour scheme of Janie's blanket doesn't go in my home so I'm planning on using a different set of colours, initially inspired by an old floral sunhat, although that may change over time.

I'm not sure about mixing the plain and flowered hexies together so I might make the flowers only if I can come up with some half hexies for along the edges.

As for yarn I've already got quite a bit of Stylecraft double knitting stashed away which I dug out earlier to pick some colours.

Blue and green - grass green, spring green, pistachio, duck egg, aster, sage, sherbert, turquoise and aspen.

Yellow and coordinating colours - citron, lemon, apricot, pomegranate, spice, shrimp and saffron.

Pink and purple - clematis, pale rose, soft peach, candyfloss, fondant, violet, wisteria, magenta, fuchsia purple and plum.

So I have plenty of colours to choose from and will reluctantly put them away until the first part of the pattern is released.

I can't wait to get stuck in on this one. I wonder how many times I'll change my mind about colour choices and layout as I go along? Time will tell.

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