Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Little Pink Purse

I needed something to put a child's gift card inside and decided to make this little pink purse. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out the way that I'd envisaged, so I lost interest and it has been buried in my craft bag since then.

The purse came about after I saw a zip on the internet which had chain stitches sewn along each side so that you could crochet straight in to it, without the need to sew the zip on afterwards. Great, I thought, as I don't like sewing and off I went without thinking too much about it.

With hindsight I realised that I could have simply carried on chain stitching, then crocheting, around each end of the zip so that the ends were crocheted inside the purse rather than sticking out. I tried to sew them inside afterwards but I'm unsatisfied with the results. I also don't like the way the join sticks out and doesn't sit neatly with both ends of the zip. 

Whilst going through the many unfinished items that I've got on the go at the moment I found the purse and without much deliberation I've decided that I won't try to salvage it. I won't gift it either but will find a use for it here instead. (I can always keep buttons in it or something like that.)

On a positive note I like the flower, apple blossom, the pattern for which can be found in Lesley Stanfield's book 100 flowers to knit & crochet.

I've got another zip somewhere so maybe I'll have another go at making a more well thought through little pink purse later in the year.

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