Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Let's Get Festive

A friend of a relative recently bought this lovely crocheted bauble in a charity shop.

She intended to have a go at making something similar, to sell in a Christmas market, but didn't know how to make one so asked me to fathom it out for her.

The top and bottom of the bauble look very much like the sunburst pattern, followed by a couple of rounds of granny trebles and a final round of double crochet.

It didn't take me long to put one together using Stylecraft Special DK, although I did have to reduce my hook size to 3 mm in order that the two halves weren't too big for the bauble. (My bauble had a circumference of just over 18cm.)

I'm not sure how the charity bauble was joined together but I simply over sewed around the middle and then knotted and poked the end through underneath the sewing.

These baubles are very satisfying to make and I can see me making more of them in the future.


  1. So pretty! This is on my list of makes this year, but I don't know if it's going to happen or not. Thanks for the diagram - that's very helpful.
    Happy Days,

    1. Thank you, I just hope that the diagram makes sense. I forgot to say that I did the six chain start for the top of the bauble only, checking that it fitted over the hanging part of the decoration before carrying on. For the bottom of the bauble I used a magic loop (rather than the six chain start) to avoid having a big hole on show at this end of the bauble.