Thursday, 5 November 2015

Something Different

Going from one thing to another on the internet recently I decided that I wanted to do a bit of cross stitching. I haven't done any for years, I'm not sure why.

I knew that I had some fabric somewhere and got all my cross stitch related items out of a cupboard, some of which I didn't know I even had... well as some that I didn't know were unfinished.

I had no idea how much thread I had either...

...and unmade kits too. This pigs in a blanket kit is gorgeous and I know that I made the first few pigs, probably over ten years ago. The fabric was attached to an enormous frame but I can't find it so I'm convinced that I must have given it to a charity shop, accepting that I would never finish it because of its size.

I very much like this seasons kit but I think that I was put off it by the inclusion of the word Fall because it's not a word that we use here in England and there's insufficient room to substitute the word Autumn instead. A daft excuse, I know.

Here's another big kit that I haven't started. Maybe I could just work the left hand side with the sunflower pot and the pot next to it with one of the cats as a way of making it more manageable. I didn't know I had the 'embroidery floss' but am convinced that it must have come with this kit because I don't have any thread anywhere else for it.

Poor Winnie the Pooh, I bought this kit to make for some little relatives and one of them is soon to become a teenager so I guess that makes it redundant now.

Thinking about it I've realised that I haven't completed very much cross stitch for a very long time.

I made these two kits, Sol and Luna, over fifteen years ago. The only reason I know that is because I can remember the shop in which I had them mounted and framed and I haven't lived there since then.

There are so many beautiful kits to be found on the internet but I've stopped myself from getting any just yet. I've found something that I'd like to make which is small and I've made a start on that instead.

I will get it finished, I promise!

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