Sunday, 29 November 2015

Pink November

I got a surprise earlier in the week when I opened the front door to shout for the cat and instead found a large box of flowers sitting on the door mat. They have opened slowly throughout the week, reaching their peak in the past couple of days. They are truly stunning right now and inspired me to try to make a doily in a coordinating pink colour. I found a lovely design at Anabelia and enlarged it on screen to make it a bit more legible to work from. The light has been awful here for most of the week but I just had to grab a few pictures for posterity. When we get a really sunny day some time and I've blocked the doily I'll take some pictures of that too.


  1. Oh my, those are lovely! Can't wait to see your doily: I love it when inspiration strikes out of all sorts of different things.
    Happy Days,

    1. Thanks Jenn, it's lovely to be reminded of Summer in November just as we start to encounter our darkest few months of the year.

  2. Wow what lovely flowers here it is suppose to be getting summer, but is blowing a gale and is cold. Looking forward to your doily.