Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Nod to the Past

I finished my first piece of cross stitch in years and years and years! When I say finished, the cross stitching part is complete and I even managed to get a card that fits perfectly over it, as well as a frame to put it in (6 by 4 inches), although I intend to add something in the middle in the gap underneath, just not sure what yet.

I wanted to make something as a nod to part of my family's past to ancestors who came from villages in Alsace. Maybe I'll add their family name in the gap some how.

I found lots of beautiful images on the internet of the costumes that people used to wear in the area. Whilst I appreciate that the detail varied from village to village, religion and status, I found a sweet little image at maminou-creations that was just what I was looking for.

Because it was small it didn't take much time to make, although I found it difficult on the eyes working with such small squares.

I used a border from another piece of work which I found herechose an alphabet from Dale Burdett's 101 Alphabets....

... and added a couple of hearts to fit in to the spaces at the sides.

Et voilĂ ... version of Mr and Mrs Alsace.

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