Sunday, 20 September 2015

Out and About

The horses seemed quite happy in their field as I passed by earlier this week.

The smallest horse was a little shy, hiding behind the gate but the other two were quite keen to greet me.

I suspect that they were wondering if I had any food.

Further down the road I could see that the wheat has been harvested and the fields are waiting to be ploughed again. I did wonder if I'd make it back home with such a threatening sky. We've had quite a lot of grey skies recently and not enough hazy sunny days as we sometimes get in September. Not this year! We've even been putting the heating on in the evenings for a bit to warm the place up so I think that Summer has definitely left us.

Autumn is a lovely time of year with lots of colour to keep us interested. At the moment it's the berries which are catching my eye such as blackberries,...

...rose hips,...


...and pyracantha.

I'm looking forward to the colours changing in the trees next as they turn from green to their Autumn hues. Isn't nature wonderful.

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