Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Country Show Part 1

The weather has been grey and miserable for weeks but there is always plenty to do and see during the summer months. Even though it feels like autumn, we went on a trip to a country show as something different to do at the week-end.

I spent ages in the flower/horticulture/cookery/craft marquee admiring all the hard work that had gone in to growing and creating the exhibits. Whilst I didn't photograph everything, I still took way too many photographs so will probably post lots more of them separately.

My favourite class was the alien veg one which was for children. Weren't they creative when they came up with these! They make me smile so much and are begging to have silly captions written for them.

The children also made things with marshmallows, like this igloo and a castle,...

...gardens on plates, shoe box houses and sweetie necklaces.

How about a marshmallow bed for comfort in your tent on a plate?

Outside there were so many activities going on. We came across children's races, trade and food stands, fairground attractions, a heritage village, a gun dog competition, archery, vintage tractors and machinery, donkey rides and many other things.

We saw shire horses parading around for judging, all dolled up for the occasion. It was lovely to see them because they're not a common sight in our every day lives any more.

Livestock wasn't being judged until the following day but some had arrived early.

It would have taken days to see everything going on at this show, it was that big. Even if we only saw a fraction of what was on offer, we had a lovely afternoon out and my feet were killing me by the end of it!

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