Monday, 1 June 2015

Recycling Yarn

I made this lap blanket during summer last year when I was going through a phase of crocheting incorrectly, although I didn't realise it at the time.  Basically, every stitch had an extra chain and so it turned out quite gappy.

I came across the blanket again yesterday and decided that I couldn't live with it, made as badly as it is, but couldn't bring myself to just throw it away. After taking a few pictures, I started to unravel the border with the intention of recycling the yarn.

My knots were so tight and the ends woven in so well that it took me about half an hour to unravel just one square!

I tried to crochet the first square again but there wasn't enough yarn because I used a smaller hook first time around for the granny part of the square and a larger hook for the flower to compensate for the inaccuracy of my crochet at the time.

So, for the time being, I've numbered some freezer bags from one to five, one for each round of yarn, and I will unravel all the rest of the squares over a period of time.

I haven't yet decided whether to unpick the poncho which I also made using the same flower pattern and incorrect crochet.

Whilst shopping yesterday I bought a lovely new book and there are a couple of blankets that I might put the yarn towards - Colour-Pop Crochet or the Gypsy Queen Throw.

Whatever I decide to make, I know that this time I'll make it correctly (fingers crossed). In the meantime, I hope that I get quicker at unpicking woven in ends and knots!

I'm also hoping that some summer sun arrives soon, given that it's the first day of summer today. You wouldn't believe it if you were listening to the howling wind and rain that's going on outside right now!!!


  1. That's a big un-picking job - I've been there myself! I know what you mean about it being hard to unravel! I made a blanket for my niece and wasn't happy with the joining so I unpicked everything but the squares and re-did it......there was some hacking I'm afraid! And I ended up spending more on yarn to make up for the hacking! The things we do for our crochet! I have to say though, it seems a bit of a shame that you're unpicking it..... your blanket looks great just as it is - I wouldn't know that you'd done it wrong at all, as all crochet looks different and tends to have decorative holes in anyway! But I also understand the need to re-do something you can't live with! Good luck and happy crocheting :)
    Kate x

  2. Thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only one who bothers to unpick my work. Even though you had to get more yarn, I hope that you were happier with the end result once you'd reworked your niece's blanket knowing that you'd put it right. This blanket of mine is only a small one, 56 squares, and I managed to unravel two squares in half an hour last night so I'm getting faster!

    1. ...63, not 56 squares...(can't find another way to correct this without replying to myself!)

  3. Oh my! I hope you didn't go forward with taking this blanket apart. It is beautiful! All that work!

    1. Yes I unpicked all of it and turned it into this blanket instead:

      Much nicer and made properly. One day I'll have another go at the unpicked blanket and make that properly too.