Tuesday, 23 June 2015

New Colours and an Old WIP

I've been choosing colours recently without any real idea of what I'll make with what I've chosen. I just fancied ordering some more yarn so that when I've finished my flower patches I've got something new to use.

I didn't realise that I've already crocheted with 30 Stylecraft Special DK colours until I counted them earlier today. There are only 29 circles in the pictures because I only had a small strand of soft peach left when I last used it.

It's not easy to compare colours using the hole punched cards so I made some half treble circles which I can move about easily to see what they look like next to other colours.

I decided to order fondant, candyfloss, wisteria, clematis, lemon, sage, pale rose, soft peach and apricot (pretend that the cream circle is soft peach) because I've crocheted very little using pastel colours only. 

I'm not sure yet but I might make something without the sage and lemon. I'll have to wait and see what inspires me when the time comes.

The cream crocheted background in these pictures is another WIP that needs to be unraveled. It's turning out quite rigid because I've been using a hook which is too small so I've made a small triangle with a larger hook and it's looking and feeling much better.

I like the simplicity of just going around and around using only one colour so I think I'll start to work on this shawl as an alternative to making flower patches.

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