Monday, 8 June 2015

Disaster Recovery

A week on from when I started recycling yarn, I'm really pleased that I decided to unpick my Midsummer Flowers blanket.

My kitchen table has been covered in these squares all week whilst I've slowly unraveled them in to small bundles of yarn.

My plastic bags are getting fuller as more and more squares are unpicked...

...and the stacks of squares have got smaller with 40 unraveled so far and only 23 more to go!

At the same time, I'm turning the yarn in to Colour-Pop squares by Nicki Trench.

I settled on this pattern because it's bright and uses similar colours to those in my recycled blanket. The new squares are so much prettier than the squares that I'm unpicking.

I'm using ten different colour combinations with the addition of one colour which hasn't come from the recycled blanket. I plan on duplicating these colour combinations until I run out of yarn, then I'll think about creating new squares and perhaps bring in more new yarn if required.

The pattern is easy to understand and I memorised it quickly but I'm using a 4 mm hook rather then the hook size stipulated.

I absolutely love these little flower patches and can't wait to make more of them.


  1. Although I still think you're slightly mad for unpicking a really pretty blanket, I do have to admit that the new squares are very lovely and even nicer than the original ones! And who can argue with re-cycling? Slightly in awe of your dedication to this - keep going, it's gonna look fab :)
    Kate x

    1. Thanks, I think that my motivation to keep unpicking has been helped by the fact that I'm enjoying what I'm making with it. It's going so well that I'm seriously thinking about unpicking other wrongly made items too - yes, bonkers I know!

  2. At first I thought you were completely mad, yet when I see the new squares it makes total sense to me: they're gorgeous! Really I need to go out now and buy some new yarn in those colours. Good luck with it:)

    1. Thanks, I'm over the bonkers part now as I unpicked the last square last night so now I can simply crochet away making these lovely little flower patches. The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK if you'd like to get some.