Friday, 8 May 2015

Flower Power Blanket

I briefly referred to this pattern last month under my post titled Cherry Heart Blanket Along.  Whilst the pattern is officially called Painted Roses, I've called the end result my Flower Power blanket because it reminds me of 1970s groovy flowers, perhaps because of the sherbet like colours that I've chosen.

As I was using yarn which was left over from my Spring Colour Riot blanket, I didn't follow the colours in the pattern. Instead I chose to make two versions of four flowers, incorporating different middles and leaf colours.

I made the squares in batches of four to ensure that I got the colour combinations correct.

I would love to have continued to make a bigger blanket but only had enough of the background colour to make 25 squares so had to stop there.

I was so keen to make the squares that I didn't weave the ends in as I went along as I normally do because it's such a horrible job to be faced with all in one go at the end. I also find that they are more difficult to weave in when the squares are already joined together.

I dealt with the ends by just doing a couple of squares at a time here and there and completed them whilst the general election results were coming in earlier today.

As for the border, again I didn't follow the pattern because I hadn't got enough of the corresponding colours that would have been required.

Instead I reached for my Eddie Eckman Around the Corner Crochet Borders book.

Once I got the math's sorted out, there were quite a few borders to choose from and I eventually chose # 21.

Whilst it's a simple border, I chose it because I didn't want it to be in competition with the beautiful flowers and it just edges the whole thing off in a pretty and unobtrusive way.

The pattern was really well written and I had no problems understanding any of it at all.

I love the end result and would definitely make it again.


  1. It's lovely :) I'm in the middle of making this blanket too, using stash yarn, but closer to the colours in the original pattern. It's great to see it in totally different colour ways :)
    Kate x

    1. It's a really beautiful pattern isn't it. I'd love to make it again in another set of colours!