Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Chicken or Egg?

Have you heard the expression what came first the chicken or the egg? This seems to apply to me at the moment as I appear to be going around in circles with my Spring Colour Riot blanket.

First my middle was too small for the border, now it is still not right, so I seem to be stuck in an endless rut of unpicking one bit and remaking another.

I don't like the peaks and troughs of the slip stitch join on top of the double crochet around each square, despite the fact that I was lucky enough to have just enough yarn to get away with this option. (Those small piles were all that I had left!)

I'm very pleased though with Debbie's suggestion of using Bunny Mummy's flat border technique. It really works!!!

So the saga of this blanket continues!


  1. I haven't been on crafty parts of t'internet since the blanket along, and just started catching up on things again. Thanks for the mention in this post! So glad the link helped :) I'm busy admiring lots of your crochet on here, its so pretty and colourful and very funky - I love it! :)


    1. Thanks very much and welcome back! Time has moved on so I can now laugh at the pickle I got myself in to when making this blanket.