Thursday, 28 June 2018

Millefiori - A Crocheted Square

I've been making these squares for a while now which I created with Millefiori beads, paper weights and glass in mind. There are so many beautiful images on the internet of this technique and I've spent many a happy moment or two looking at them. The colours are so vivid and tightly packed and their combinations are endless. Fortunately this translated into crochet fairly easily and I've come up with a yarny design of my own. For the moment I'll finish with some pictures...

..and I'll be back soon with the colour combinations that I've used and then the pattern will be forthcoming too.


  1. Gorgeous colours, look forward to your pattern and your colour combinations

    1. Thanks, there are 19 colours in total and I'm going to use a separate colour to join them all together.