Tuesday, 29 May 2018

A Cross Stitch for Summer

As May draws to an end, Spring fades into early Summer as the seasons move on again. We've been lucky enough this month to be able to sit outside in the garden and enjoy some sunny weather as Spring caught up with the prolonged colder start than normal.
The garden has sprouted like crazy and we're trying to keep on top of it a little better than in previous years by pruning back hard and getting rid of weeds before they have a chance to get going. Birds are nesting in the garden so we're having to work around certain areas to avoid disturbing them. Yesterday I spotted a pair of house martins clinging to the bricks of our home and watched them flying back and forth so we might have some messy window sills if they decide to nest here again this year.
In the countryside around us the rapeseed has been and gone, replaced by a sea of fresh green which has been transformed by the blood red colour of poppies which have just opened in the fields in the past few days. They really are a spectacular sight right now.
At home I keep flitting about between crafty projects but in the past couple of weeks I've settled on a new countrified cross stitch of a hare in a field of flowers, or are they weeds? I started with the hare to get a focal point and because I think that the flowers will be the most interesting and satisfying part of the design to make. It's beginning to take shape now, can you spot the cross stitch poppies?


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