Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Winter Bites Back

In one way Winter seems to have slipped by quickly this year if you forget about the never ending dark mornings and evenings, the worst of which are thankfully over now. I'm enjoying watching how high the sun gets in the sky compared with only a month or so ago. Although the branches and hedgerows are still as bare as can be we've been treated to a wonderful display of yellow by a hazel tree in our garden.

Throughout February the lambs tails have wriggled and jumped about in the breeze and hung limp on still days providing the only colour around here other than evergreens.

It won't be long before colour breaks out everywhere as we turn towards Spring. That's what I thought until I saw the weather forecast at the week-end.

Winter isn't going to give way to Spring just yet as snow and biting winds pile in from the east. It's unusual to have snow so late in the season and it's pretty to look at if you don't have to travel anywhere. I'm happy to watch the snowflakes tumble down for a few days so long as the winds then change direction and bring us a taste of Spring. Ah spring....so very nearly here...

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