Thursday, 8 February 2018

Seaweed Shawl

This shawl challenged me in many ways and I enjoyed learning how to make the drop stitches and broomstick lace which were completely new to me.

The pattern, Drop-Stitch Crescent Shawl by Designs By Dio, is free on Ravelry and I'm the only person who has made it so far. It is untested and I encountered problems along the way but once I'd ironed them out the lovely shawl design began to emerge.

As a one skein project I was nervous about whether I'd have enough of my Superba Circus yarn (turquoise mix) left to complete the border and it was a bit tight with only 4g remaining. Whilst I'm not that keen on the way the colourway turned out I love that it reminds me of seaweed washed up on a beach.

When it came to taking photographs I just couldn't get my camera to focus properly on the yarn and whilst backgrounds came out lovely and clear the shawl came out like a muddy fuzz. I resorted to hanging it outside on a hedge in the freezing cold yesterday and quickly captured these rather dull images.

It's unusual for me to feel so pleased to see the back of a project but, for all its enjoyment, I'm so happy to move on from this one.

On a more positive note, Ravellenics starts tomorrow (Go Team GB and Team Colourful) and I'm going to aim to finish the granny squares that I posted about last month. Surely they should be soooooo easy in comparison with this :-)

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