Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Circles of the Sun

The Circles of the Sun pattern by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk caught my eye and I recently found time to have a go at making some squares using the Block 9 part of the design.

I made the squares with Stylecraft Special double knitting yarn in two different colour combinations using some of the pinks and purples that are available in the range - magenta, clematis, wisteria, plum, violet, candyfloss, raspberry and fondant.

I love the design but found the squares a bit laborious to make so I had a change of heart after I'd only made a couple of them.

I wanted to do something with the squares rather than simply discard them and I found that I had a little pink zip in my stash which was just about the right size to transform the squares in to a purse.

I used a flat slip stitch join to crochet the squares together, continuing around both top corners until I met each end of the zip.

I even added a lining too, although it took me a whole afternoon, don't ask me why I made it so complicated.

So this purse brings my short journey with the Circles of the Sun pattern to an end for the time being although I suspect that I'll return to the other eight blocks another time, maybe :-)

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