Friday, 11 August 2017

Splash of Summer Colour

Apart from a few heatwaves here and there, this Summer has been disappointing weather wise as it has been quite cool and cloudy, with often large amounts of rainfall.

However it hasn't stopped me from getting out and about, even if it's not been great for taking photos.

Last week we visited a Medieval Hall and gardens on a really dark, dull day.

Most of the time we didn't really bump in to people, other than in the tea and dining areas which are always a magnet, especially on a dreary day.

It was lovely to feel like we had the gardens more or less completely to ourselves as we wandered around.

Most of the space is divided up into different areas, or rooms, each of which is quite different to everything else.

My favourite garden space was a walled garden that was packed full of colour.

I'd expected that most of the flowers would be a bit past their best by now but here the garden looked quite stunning.

Apparently William Wordsworth walked through an earlier version of this garden many, many years ago.

I wonder if it inspired any of his poetry? You never know...

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