Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Blue and Green

This granny stripe blanket was one of the earliest things that I made a few years ago when I hadn't quite worked out how to crochet properly.

Knowing that each treble has an extra chain has bugged me since then so recently I decided to head down the recycling yarn route again and unpick the whole thing.

When I looked at the colours all wound up in mini bundles I noticed that I'd chosen two colour groups for the blanket, one blue/green and the other pink/purple.

Initially I didn't have any plans for the yarn but I soon settled upon having a go at solid granny squares again, but this time using a different colour for each round.

I chose to use the blue and green colours only and I've made a batch of squares of six rounds each, with a view to adding a lighter colour around the edge of all of them, perhaps white, lemon or cream.

Coincidentally whilst working on these squares I came across a pattern for multi-coloured solid grannies which completely transforms the overall look of them. I'm currently incorporating this pattern as well as working in all the pesky ends.

There's a saying that goes something like 'blue and green should never be seen' but I think that the colour combination is both lovely and very restful.


  1. "blue and green should never be seen"? Boy, is that a flawed rule! 😂 follow that logic and you get no "blue and purple", "red & purple", "red and orange", "yellow and green", "yellow and orange".

    We all know the three primary colors of Blue, Red and Yellow. Those pairings listed above are simply the RESULTING colors we get when beginning with a primary color and then addfirst one, and then the other of the 2 remaining primary colors to it.
    It can look off when we place the wrong temperature of these combinations of the 3 primary colors side by side. If you begin with a warm shade of Red you need to put a warm purple next to it. A cool shade of Red calls for a cool shade of purple being placed against it.
    Using the color wheel you can see this Illustrated and it makes more sense than my beginner ramblings!
    I am actually here to learn as I am so inspired by your ideas, and also to feast on the eye candy in the margin!
    Cuppa Crochet is where I learned of your blog and I followed their links here. I really really love your work!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments, I love playing with different colour combinations and don't pay any attention to 'rules' if I like what I see :-)