Monday, 1 May 2017

Stripes 'n' Squares Cushion

Looking for inspiration I went through some old knitting magazines a few months ago and came across a mitred squares blanket pattern that took my interest. Despite much trying I couldn't manage to knit shapes which turned out completely square. I did lots of googling and tried various suggestions but I still wasn't very impressed with my results so I gave up on the idea. But the bug for solid squares wouldn't go away so I decided to crochet some instead.

As I made strips of squares and played around with placing them next to each other I had what I thought was a bright idea, why not add stripes in between the squares?

After lots of faffing about I realised that the only way I could get my squares to align up properly was to make the stripes using a combination of left and right handed crocheting.

I found it really challenging to try to coordinate my brain and hands to reverse themselves in order to work in a left handed way but I think that the effort was worth the finished effect.

For the border I didn't want anything that would distract attention away from the stripes and squares so I simply added a round of double crochet followed by a scalloped edge.

For the back I decided to use some gingham material and hand sewed it to three sides of the front of the cushion cover before crocheting a flap on the fourth side and sewing on some buttons to close it.

The yarn that I used to make this cushion with is Stylecraft Special double knitting in the following shades - pale rose, silver, duck egg, soft peach, wisteria, clematis and candyfloss.

Yay, one more item to cross off the long list of unfinished things :-)