Sunday, 9 April 2017

Crafty Slow Down

I've lost my crafty way a bit recently so I've decided that I ought to finish what I've already got on the go before I start anything new. I think I've made this decision before but not stuck to it so hopefully I can do better this time.

I've chosen to finish a cushion which has a front but no back. Since I want to finish it quickly I decided to use a piece of material and popper it shut. However, I realised after I'd cut the material out that I hadn't added sufficient for an overlap so I'll have to insert a zip instead. Sewing really isn't my thing so it might languish for a few more days whilst I have a good think about it. That's my problem, too much thinking and not enough action. I still can't decide whether to add some embroidery to the front either so I'm a bit of a lost cause at the moment.

Outside Spring has turned into Summer this week-end and people have reached for their flip flops, shorts and t-shirts. Barbeques have been fired up and the heating has even been turned off (although it looks like we'll need it back on again tomorrow).

Everything has burst open at once, leaves, tree blossom and flowers. Blink and you'll miss the most wonderful time of the year. Earlier I took full advantage of the lovely weather and took a few pictures of some of the wonders to be seen. If only Spring lasted longer...

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