Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Testing...VERY testing

I've been driving myself to the point of exasperation over the past few days trying to decipher all the scribbled notes and drawings that I made along the way as I created my Strawberries in Spring blanket. I've just about managed to work out exactly how I created the squares but putting it down on paper isn't easy. 

Initially I tried to chart the square because my brain can instantly see what I need to do without the clutter of words. It soon became clear though that trying to chart this square isn't easy so ironically I've resorted to words instead. I've taken photos of each stage as well to accompany them and I'm now trying to pull it all together in a coherent document. 

I've just about completed a first draft of the step by step instructions but I cannot face going over it all again so I've distracted myself with the sample square and thinking about these new colours. They are seriously tempting me to pick up my hook but grape would tone in better than the central colour and I don't have any here, so for the time being I'll have to get back to testing that very testing pattern.

Sample square made with
Stylecraft Special double knitting yarn in
Plum (grape would tone in better), Soft Peach, Pale Rose,
Soft Peach, Duck Egg, Clematis and Silver


  1. Your brave to write a pattern. Love your sample square.

    1. Thanks, I'm only writing a pattern for the square at the moment, not a whole blanket, that really would finish me off completely if I tried that :-)