Saturday, 7 January 2017

Strawberries in Spring

At last I've finished my first blanket entirely dreamt up by me.

It started last Spring when I wanted to create something akin to blossom and I doodled in crochet until I came up with a flower.

Then I added some greenery and sky which I posted about here before agonising over what colour to use to join everything together with.

I eventually decided to use white as a nod to the fluffy white clouds which grace our skies if we're lucky enough to have a sunny day.

After joining the squares with a braided join,...

...I added five rounds of granny stitch around the whole blanket,...

...then I added a simple border and decided that the blanket was done.

When I stood back to admire the end result I couldn't think of a name for it.

The colours reminded me of the dessert known as Strawberry Delight and the name has morphed in to Strawberries in Spring.

It has occurred to me that I ought to write the pattern up or at least chart the square.

So that's my plan, if I can remember exactly what I did.

I've got rough notes somewhere so I'll dig them out on a rainy day in the not too distant future and see if they make any sense to me.

In the meantime I've taken way too many pictures to 'show it off'.

After all, it's not every day that you create your very own blanket.