Sunday, 1 January 2017

Garland of Flowers

Well here we are in yet another new year, hopefully one which will be filled with lots of crafty time and colour. 

To start the year off here's a Nicki Trench vintage-style vase coaster, the pattern for which can be found in Cute & Easy Crochet with Flowers (I got my book from WHSmith, not via the link).

I used DROPS Safran for the first time (yellow, peach, white, lime and medium pink) and I love how soft and silky it is as well as the finish it gives to the appearance of my crochet. Being thicker than the fine cotton which is normally used to make traditional doilies, this mat has a more modern look, a bit less grannified.

The pattern was easy to follow, although I did have to sleep on the outer round for the penny to drop on how to make it work. I was full of the lurgy when I first tried 'to get it' and when I felt a bit more with it the next morning it came to me, 'ah I wonder if'...

...and yes it worked as the garland of flowers grew around the outer edge.

Here's to a happy and crafty 2017.


  1. Love the colours looking forward to more colourful crochet this year.