Monday, 12 December 2016

Pea Soup for Breakfast

It was a pea souper this morning when I woke up, well strictly speaking it was just very, very foggy as pea soupers don't really occur in our modern day, nor in the countryside.

By the time I'd got myself sorted and ventured outside the fog had cleared considerably in places so I went in search of the horses fields as I haven't been there for quite a while.

Along the way I noticed how some Autumn leaves are still clinging to the odd tree including this Oak. Leaves fluttered down from the branches for the whole time I stopped to take pictures.

When I got to the first horse field I didn't think that there were any there until a head popped around the hedgerow.

The fog was still lingering and the sun was trying to pop through, not particularly successfully, as I realised that there were two horses happily munching away on their hay.

I carried on down the road to the next field and was met by lots more horses.

They were all facing the same direction...

...each and every one of them.

I naively thought that it was just a coincidence at first.

Then it dawned on me as they all pricked up their ears at the same time that they'd heard something, something which was very familiar to them.

A lady appeared further down the road and I knew then what they were all waiting for, mum of course who was on her way to feed them breakfast.

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