Friday, 21 October 2016

Frida on Friday: Part 3

I've already posted some roses and dahlias in part 1 and part 2 to show the colour combinations which I've used to make flowers for my Frida's Flowers blanket. Like the other parts, I've listed the colours for these final flowers underneath the photos, working from the middle outwards.

Saffron, lemon, shrimp, soft peach, shrimp,
fondant, apricot, clematis, wisteria, magenta and cream

Plum, clematis, citron, lemon, citron, shrimp,
fondant, candyfloss, saffron, apricot and cream

Apricot, shrimp, candyfloss, magenta, candyfloss,
citron, violet, wisteria, clematis, plum and cream

I enjoyed making these flowers so much that I broke my rule on sewing in the ends as you go along. There are around 700 ends to be dealt with. Oh how I wish I had taken my own advice earlier.

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