Thursday, 6 October 2016

Blueberry Waffle Socks

At the end of last year I bought some inexpensive Marble double knitting yarn by James C Brett, in a shade simply called MT6, to attempt to make my first pair of socks. Unfortunately I didn't get very far and my first sock was abandoned shortly afterwards.

The yarn resurfaced earlier this year after I'd mastered the art of making socks and I wondered what to do with it. Someone on Ravelry recommended the Blueberry Waffle pattern by Sandy Turner which is made using a double knitting yarn.

I started making a pair but soon found that they were way too big even though I was using smaller needles, 3.5 mm, so I reduced the number of stitches that I cast on to 44 and winged it from there. Very brave of me, I thought, and I'm pleased to say that it worked.

Being 100% acrylic they won't let your feet breathe so I don't plan on wearing them for walking out and about in. Instead I think that they'll be great as an extra pair of socks to pull on in our ever increasingly chilly evenings whilst lounging about in front of the telly.

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