Monday, 5 September 2016

Still Doodling

Here's a peek at my doodling in crochet progress on the blossom which I created, inspired by Spring. 

I've worked the flowers up in to squares by adding some fresh green leaves and some welcome clear, blue sky.

The Stylecraft Special DK colours which I've used so far are Lemon, Fondant, Fuchsia Purple, Spring Green and Sherbert.

I think I've decided to edge each square with another round in white to add a touch of fluffy, white clouds to the mix too...

...but can't decide whether to go for the pink or white (Stylecraft Candyfloss and White) for the lacy join which I plan on using to crochet the squares together.

I keep making my mind up and then changing it again. Maybe I should just toss a coin and let fate decide.


  1. Gorgeous as usual you have a great eye for colour combos. Is this your pattern?

    1. Thank you and yes it's my own pattern which I've attempted to keep some notes on as I've gone along in case I get the urge to try and chart it out.