Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Little Star

After I finished my Waffles 'n' Cream blanket I had small amounts of yarn left over, insufficient to make anything really worthwhile, so I played around with it and quickly came up with a design for a small star.

With limited choice over what colours I could use, I made a small batch of little stars and double crochet joined them together to make a bag.

Then I added:
  • a round of double crochet,
  • two rounds of treble crochet,
  • a round of double crochet,
  • a round of treble, treble, chain 2, repeat (to create holes for the cord),
  • a round of double crochet (ie double crochet in each treble and chain of the previous round),
  • a round of treble crochet and finally
  • a round of double crochet.

For the cord I created a chain and then double crocheted my way back along it to the beginning.

I'm not great at writing instructions, they're too wordy for me, so I've drawn quite a scruffy chart to show how to make these little stars. I've not shown where rounds start and finish because some people use chainless starts and others prefer chains. Likewise some people use slip stitch at the end of rounds whereas others prefer an invisible join. Finally, in case it's not clear, in the pink round, all trebles are made in the chains of the previous round.


  1. Love your bag the colours are pretty. Thanks for the pattern. I will add this to more LONG list of projects.

    1. Thanks, I know what you mean about lists, there is always something new that catches my eye too.