Friday, 30 September 2016

Frida on Friday: Part 2

This week I've continued with my version of Frida's Flowers by making some more Frida's Roses and Dahlias. I absolutely love these patterns and enjoyed picking new colours to add to the small but growing collection of brightly coloured flowers. Starting in the middle, I've listed the colours which I've used beneath each photo.

Shrimp, apricot, fondant, candyfloss, fondant,
plum, clematis, lemon, citron, saffron and cream

Fondant, soft peach, plum, magenta, clematis and cream

Candyfloss, fondant, lavender, violet, lavender,
lemon, saffron, soft peach, apricot, shrimp and cream

More flowers to follow another time.

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