Friday, 23 September 2016

Frida on Friday: Part 1

Back in early Spring I planned to make a Frida's Flowers blanket. By the time the first pattern was released, I'd become worried that my tension would vary between all the designs, so I gave up on the idea.

Recently I had another look and thought about the blanket further. It didn't take long for me to be tempted to pick up a hook and start to make some of the hexies at last. I've changed direction a bit since my original plan and I'm using hexie patterns 2 and 5, Dahlias and Roses, only.

After I made one of each hexie, I was relieved to find that they both measure about 17 cm wide. Although I'm using both 4 mm and 3.5 mm hooks, as stipulated in the pattern, they are turning out quite a bit smaller than they are meant to be, but I'm quite happy about that.

As you can see I'm not going with green leaves, nor am I going with the designer's colour choices. I'm using Stylecraft Special double knitting yarn and think that all those Tropical Delight flowers that I've been making recently are influencing the colours which I'm picking for this. I've listed these choices underneath the photos, starting from the middle and working outwards. All hexies are finished with cream yarn from Boyes.

Fondant, candyfloss, saffron, lemon, saffron,
citron, shrimp, magenta, wisteria and clematis

Citron, candyfloss, shrimp, fondant and apricot

Lemon, saffron, apricot, shrimp, apricot,
clematis, magenta, soft peach, candyfloss and fondant

I hope to be back next week with another three hexies made in another colour combination.


  1. Oh I love your Fridas, I used white as well instead of black, gives it a completely different look.

    1. Thanks, I'm surprised that so few people have come up with their own colour schemes. There are some beautiful white and cream ones on Ravelry.

  2. Gorgeous colors. I did not like the original as I don't like black. But yours are great