Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Waffles 'n' Cream

Following on from last month's post about progress on this blanket, here it is finished at last!

I made the coloured blocks with recycled Stylecraft Special DK yarn in lots of fruity colours:...

...Plum, Magenta, Apricot, Raspberry, Wisteria, Violet, Clematis, Pale Pink, Candyfloss and Fondant.

Then I added a round of cream to each block before slip stitiching them all together.

By then the blanket looked like a giant waffle, hence the name Waffles 'n' Cream.

For the border I reached for my Edie Eckman Around the Corner Crochet Borders book and deliberated for quite a while...

...before I decided upon #22, a lovely frilly edge which softens the overall look of the blanket.

There are patterns all over the internet for these solid granny or elmer squares as they're commonly called.

I used a pattern for the square which I got from Catherine Hirst's book Granny Square Crochet.

These simple squares require virtually no concentration so they're great to make whilst doing other things.

I'm so pleased to have finished this blanket and really happy because I love it too.


  1. This is just stunning- you are very talented and have lots of patience to make such a beautiful blanket.

  2. Thanks, I loved making this one so patience wasn't really a problem.

  3. Hi Another lovely blanket especially the border. Could you tell me what number in the book is the border.