Monday, 4 January 2016

Tablet Cover

I started making this tablet cover ages and ages ago but just never got around to finishing it. I originally made some squares from a dog coat pattern which can be found in Granny Square Crochet by Catherine Hirst.

The squares remind me of rose windows and look lovely when they're made in lots of different colours.

However, by the time I'd joined them together as a front and back for a tablet cover, I decided that the squares were too big in scale and that they'll have to be used for something else instead.

In the meantime, inspired by and partially following another pattern in Catherine's book, I decided to try using mini granny squares and instantly felt that they were a better fit.

I used join as you go to put the squares together and...

...then added another round of granny trebles around the edge of each side,... 

...before I double crochet joined around three sides, starting and finishing half way in on the outer squares of the fourth side for a snug fit.

When I looked for buttons I couldn't find anything suitable but I recently decided to go with these mother of pearl like hearts on a temporary basis, just to get the cover finished.

I do love these dinky little squares.

They are just perfect for making small items.


  1. Lovely!!! I must make one right away....I am so in love!! I am a beginner. I'll do my best to follow this....

  2. Lovely!! I must make one right away...I am do in love!! I am a beginner, I will do my best to follow this!! Ty!

    1. Thanks very much, sorry I seem to have published your comment twice, not sure why. Good luck with trying to make something similar.