Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Dark Days

January has been full of dark days so far, although I'm starting to see a difference in the late afternoons as light creeps slowly back into our lives. Although I've been trying to get rid of a never ending cold, which I caught just before the New Year, I went for a walk at the end of last week when the sun put in an appearance for a few hours in the afternoon. It made a lovely change from the sea of grey that has blanketed us for what feels like months. The trees and hedgerows are bare so there isn't much to look at outside during these dull short days. There are some enormous puddles around us but I'm grateful that we weren't affected by the recent floods which caused devastation and heartache in so many parts of the country and Scotland too. So as January moves slowly along, I'm quite happy to stay indoors continuing to make my first pair of socks.

I nearly forgot to add that I did finish the second cat blanket, worked mostly in greens and blues, so the cats are content to curl up with me too.

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