Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Stripe Along Blanket (Spice of Life CAL)

I've finished my Stripe Along blanket which I made as part of the Spice of Life CAL.

The pattern was really clear and had great photographic step by step instructions for all of the stitches.

However, I had lots of problems with tension as I worked my rows and had to make lots of them more than once.

My perseverance paid off though as I now have a lovely stripey blanket, even if the sides are a bit wonky in places.

The pattern for this blanket is very versatile as you can miss rows out here and there or add them to make the blanket longer or shorter. You can also repeat favourite bits or leave difficult bits out if you would prefer.

On the second half of the blanket I missed out the stacked granny stitches because I couldn't face trying them for a second time. Instead I used old fashioned grannies which are quite similar in appearance.

I had loads more ends than anticipated because some of the rows required two pieces of my recycled yarn, doubling up the number of ends.

My blanket is a different size to the one in the pattern so I was surprised to find that the border would fit with only a minor tweak in the corners.

At about 31 inches wide by 42 inches long (roughly 80 cm by 107 cm), it is perfect for when I'm lounging about on the sofa in front of the telly.

Just what I need now that the clocks have gone back, plunging us in to the colder and darker days of the GMT time zone.