Thursday, 1 October 2015

Foggy Thursday

We've had quite a few foggy starts recently and yet again when I opened my curtains this morning I was greeted to a grey world in which I couldn't see anything. A few days ago I took some pictures once the sun had started to come through and make the world visible again.

The spiders had been busy overnight spinning fancy webs and the dew which covered them sparkled in the low sunlight.

The dew was dripping off the gate to the horses' field too and had also covered the grass.

As I made my way down the road I noticed that the trees and hedges are really beginning to show their Autumn colours now.

I also noticed that it was really quite cold and wished that I'd put proper shoes or boots on instead of a pair of mules. My toes were freezing!

It looked quite bleak in the fields with no sign of the church which had been rubbed out of view by the fog.

Spiders webs were everywhere.

The dirt track looked unappealing so I decided to head another way.

Faced with this field and the trees and hedges alongside it I acknowledged that it's definitely Autumn now.

The colours are really starting to put on a lovely show.

Across the road I found some more horses in another field.

By now the fog had lifted considerably just here.

I love all the different colours in Autumn.

The lovely weather we've had recently is supposed to contribute towards this year's display according to the weather forecasters.

Disease wasn't in their forecasts!

Back in the fields I could see that the church was starting to emerge from the fog.

As I walked along the side of the fields I took more pictures of spiders' webs...

...admired the glistening berries...

...took more pictures of spiders' webs...

...marveled at why a poppy was out at this time of year and, yet again,...

...took more pictures of spiders' webs. (I think mother nature is practising for Halloween.)

At last the view across the fields became much clearer as the fog finally started to roll away and...

...the church joined the world once more.

With the fog gone I knew that a sunny day lay ahead of me. How lovely!


  1. Those spider web photos are just exquisite! Imagine being too busy to seem them - such a shame. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks, I'd walked past most of them before I even noticed but once I slowed down I started talking things in much more. Wishing you a lovely day too!