Friday, 9 October 2015

Dinky Grannies Cushion

Back in the Summer I wanted to make something small to use up some of the teeny scraps of yarn that I had and I decided to make dinky grannies, ie granny squares made up of two rounds only.

It's a great way of getting lots of different colours in to a small amount of space.

To save on work I joined them as I added the second round using the join as you go method.

The only drawback of dinkies is that they create a lot of ends for such a small piece of work.

So to save time on the back I just made one big granny square instead and remembered to turn my work every second round, most of the time. I didn't really have a choice about colours as I just had to use whatever I had that was sufficiently long enough to get round each round. Who looks at the back anyway?

Once my front and back were finished, 8 x 8 dinkies for the front and 18 rounds for the granny square back, I deliberated about how to put them together and decided to crochet join them from the right side around three sides only. I continued to double crochet along the fourth side of the front only to provide a base for a border.

Then I added a scalloped edge around the entire cushion, adding a couple of extra stitches in the corners.

Finally I added a piece which tucks inside the cushion onto which I sewed the buttons. These can be slipped through the granny gaps along the back of the cushion to close it.

All the colours mixed together remind me of the circus, maybe because they're so bright and cheerful.

I'll definitely make more dinkies again in the future, they're fun!


  1. So cheerful! I love the colors and patterns! Thank you for sharing your lovely gift!