Friday, 25 September 2015

Ripples Rip Back

Here I go again ripping back a badly made bit of crochet, this time my Twilight Ripples blanket.

It was just too floppy with all the extra chains and the gaps between the stitches were annoying me so I started unpicking it last month.

I wasn't happy with the inclusion of the colour mocha. It didn't quite work so I'm going to leave it out completely this time.

Whilst I still haven't unpicked all of the blanket, I've got enough balls of yarn to make a start on a new one.

I found a waves pattern somewhere on the internet a while ago and made a small sample to work out how big it would turn out.

I then tried starting again in single stripes of colour. I wasn't convinced about this and couldn't decide whether I simply didn't like all of the colours together or whether there were just too many for a ripples blanket?

I left the waves alone and started on solid granny squares instead because they are so nice and simple, no changing colour in between rounds and I don't have to think about them at all.

I've also started on a crochet along instead of pursuing the ripples/waves.

So I won't end up with a waves blanket at all but will have an excuse to get new yarn to make one properly in the future instead.


  1. Eventually you should find something you like! I love the blue wave test piece: the colours are so soothing.
    Happy Days!

    1. I prefer the blue too! But I've got a bag full of pinks and purples to work with for the time being so perhaps I''ll make a blue waves blanket one day.