Monday, 14 September 2015

Happy Hexies

I'm happy with this little hexie blanket which is just the right size for what I want to use if for.

It's made with Stylecraft Special double knitting yarn in scappy little bits, including a pile of unpicked cream that I'd cut in to lengths, but unsuccessfully used when trying to solve problems with another blanket earlier this year, so I was pleased to get rid of it.

The flowers come from a pattern by Nicki Trench in her book called Cute and Easy Crochet Flowers and I made the hexagons up myself, crocheting in to the back of the flowers as I went around.

I haven't put squares together from the back before and I found it really difficult to slip stitch my way along the back of the hexies. 

I lost count of the number of times when I thought I'd joined them in the wrong places too so it was quite a relief to get that bit over and done with. I think I'll stick to joining from the front in future!

The border, based on Cherry Heart's Weekender Blanket, wouldn't lie flat but I think that the main problem was that I had too many stitches in the corners (or whatever they are called for hexagons) so I reduced the number of stitches in the border to compensate and it seemed to work a lot better then.

I suppose that any crocheted flower from any pattern could be turned in to a shape and then a blanket too. The endless possibilities of crochet are mind boggling aren't they!


  1. It's pretty and bright: is it for a baby or a table top? I admire your flower making prowess - you seem able to pop those out so quickly!
    Happy Days,

    1. Hi Jenn, neither! Feel like I'm getting old, so enjoying putting my feet up in the evenings and it just covers my foot stool whilst I'm not using it. Thanks for your lovely comments about my flowers!